7/7 A Conspiracy Theory

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This is a short film explaining the theory that the alleged 7/7 bombers were set up by MI5.  It looks at three probable secret agents who were in contact with the alleged bombers, and how they relate to MI5's knowledge about what was going on.  The three agents were Martin McDaid, Mohammed Quayyum Khan/'Q' and Mohammed Junaid Babar. 

In the years prior to the 7/7 bombings, whenever Sidique Khan or the other alleged bombers got involved in radical Islamic activity, they did so through contact with one of these three men.  At each stage in this process MI5 and the other British security services had information about what was going on, but mysterious 'intelligence failures' meant they did nothing to stop it.  Each time, the 'failures' covered up Khan et al's connections with these three probable agents.  Two of the men - Q and McDaid - have since disappeared, while Babar was given an absurdly light prison sentence for his three year career as an international terrorist. 

The implication is that this was a black operation, and that information was being compartmentalised and investigations were being sabotaged in order to allow the operation to continue.  The film also looks at the curious use of names, including the initial of the three agents and MI5's naming of Khan and the others as the 'Stepford Bombers', and what this implies about the London bombings of 2005. 

You can also listen to or download the video as a podcast via the player and link below.

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