7/7: An Historical Analysis is a GlobalResearchTV production by James Corbett of CorbettReport.com. In this wide-ranging discussion, we examine inconsistencies in the police investigation of the alleged terrorist bombings in London on July 7, 2005, and interrogate the way the memes and ideas about suicide bombings have echoed down through the decades to implant "War on Terror" narratives in our own age.

In particular, the interview discusses how 7/7 was not, by the historical record, Britain's first suicide bombing. We looked at the case of a French anarchist, Martial Bourdin, who blew himself up in Greenwich Park in 1894. His death provoked a range of conspiracy theories which found their way into popular culture, and then back into reality with the 1996 Aldwych bus bombing. The possibility of 'unwitting' 'unintentional' and 'unwilling' suicide bombers is outlined.

In the years between the Aldywch bombing and 7/7, several TV shows and terrorism training exercises also portrayed different kinds of suicide bombings, as well as various kinds of attacks on London train/tube stations. The likelihood of this being a deliberate process of pre-conditioning is analysed. The tentative conclusion was reached that if there was a plot to try to condition the public before the event (and after) then the aim was to divide the public into those who believe the official conspiracy theory and those who believe certain alternative conspiracy theories. This leaves little room for scepticism and further investigation, and encourages a sort of 'conspiracy theory warfare' which polarises, and thus paralyses, the discussion.