7/7: Intelligence Failures and Double Agents

This is a presentation I gave at the March 2012 Crimes of the 1% conference organised by reinvestigate911.  It mostly covers the story of pre-7/7 investigations into Martin McDaid and the Iqra bookshop in Beeston, a suburb of Leeds.  The 'intelligence failures' around the McDaid/Iqra investigation had the consequence of protecting the relationship between McDaid and two of the alleged 7/7 bombers - Mohammed Sidique Khan and Shehzad Tanweer. 

You can also listen to the presentation below, or download an audio-only version here (.mp3 26MB).

The critical sources of information for this presentation are a West Yorkshire Police 'gist' of the McDaid investigations, here, the police check on a BMW registered to Sidique Khan, here, the Iqra bookshop declaration of trustees (including Khan and Tanweer), here, the Charities Commission report into Iqra, here, and the email exchange between MI5, West Yorkshire Police and the Special Branch North East Regional Intelligence Cell (NERIC), here.

For more information on McDaid please read the J7 inquests blog article 'McDaid Who?', here.  You may also be interested in the presentation I did at the inaugural reinvestigate911 SCADS conference last autumn.