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Schooling the Americas

The School of the Americas is one of the central institutions in the history of state-sponsored terrorism. This article outlines its history and development and considers its present-day significance. 

Part 4 of this series will look at the possible reasons why covert ops are becoming overt ops, why these once-secretive methods are being hung out in public, and what the results are of this cultural-political shift.

In Part I of this series we saw how in recent news events references to covert operations are distinctly overt.  In Part II we explored how Western state doctrine of small-scale warfare has become increasingly open in its advocation of the use of terrorism.  In this part we will see that the same trend that occured in the theory also occured in the practice of unconventional warfare. 

In Part I we saw how recent news has included open admissions of the use of covert ops, known in current US military doctrine as Unconventional Warfare.  In Part II we will look at how this doctrine has become more explicit in its advocation of the use of low-intensity political violence, including terrorism. 

As conflicts destabilise much of the world, amidst the violence we can see a trend towards increasing admissions and advocations of the use of what are usually termed 'covert ops'.

There are four radically different views of what has been termed 'Al Qaeda', and each has radically different implications for the 'global war on terror'.

With the 7/7 inquests having concluded with the most ridiculous and predictable of judgments the responsibility of ordinary citizens to investigate and ask questions about the London bombings has grown.

The background to this trial is extraordinarily complex and intricate, and there are many questions that can't yet be answered. Several things are certain.

Osama Bin Laden is dead. Not exactly a new story, but now President Obama's telling it people are finally believing it is true.

July 7th 2005 was not the first time London had suffered a suicide bombing...

The Inquests into the July 7th 2005 London bombings are drawing to a close, with a verdict due in several weeks, on May 6th. As expected and predicted, very few of the abundant questions about 7/7 have been answered, and plenty of new questions have emerged.

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