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The July 7th Inquests got underway last week and have so far provided a pantomime of disinformation and farcical arguments.

With the fifth anniversary of 7/7 coming and going with the slightest of official acknowledgment and with no sign of an official inquiry, it remains up to the independent media and campaigners to keep up the pressure on the authorities.

Everette Howard Hunt was born in October 1918, in Hamburg, New York. He would go on to lead a life which perhaps more than any other represents the darker truths underpinning the history of the 20th Century.

Crisis is often fabricated, whether it is through the semantic manipulation of the difference between single events, short term trends and overall patterns, or through incompetence dressed up as catastrophe, or through success being reported as failure.

Regardless of your position on Anthropogenic Global Warming the only people the politics really serve are existing, entrenched elite powers. The proposals are virtually all economic, and have very little to do with reducing pollution or the rush for economic growth.

Whereas the 9/11 shows just sought to insult conspiracy theorists, the BBC adopted a somewhat different tactic in their 7/7 effort, seeking to portray conspiracy theorists/theories as dangers to society, as destroying confidence in the government and social order.

The one thing completely disregarded in the ISC's report is the possibility that this wasn't an attack by four homegrown Muslim suicide bombers. Despite their explicit attempt to debunk conspiracy theories, or just reasonable questions, about 7/7 there's no space at all for the suggestion that something else may have happened that day.

Though there are a great many articles on the subject of Operation Gladio and the Strategy of Tension, I've yet to see a single qualified definition of this strategy. Quite correctly, commentators identify the actions of the covert army in Italy as being this strategy put into practice, but there's very little discussion of the specific way this strategy is supposed to work.

A further speaker at the Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism (JCIT) was Paul Johnson, a British historian, author of some 40+ books and a former adviser to Margaret Thatcher. George Bush II awarded him the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

On the evening of July 5th 1979 the Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism (JCIT) held its closing session, titled 'The Challenge to Free Men'. One of the most significant speakers was George HW Bush, who would months later become Vice-President under Ronald Reagan. Obviously, he is also the father of the president who launched the war on terror in the aftermath of 9/11.

In July 1979, just as Brzezinski was creating the original Al Qaeda in Afghanistan, Benjamin Netanyahu and a host of other notable names were meeting in the Jerusalem Hilton for four days. The subject was international terrorism, only a distant speck on the political horizon for western countries at that time.

In August 1990, Italian Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti brought to an end four decades of conspiracy, deceit and official denial, admitting that he knew of a covert paramilitary/intelligence group who may have been involved in the numerous bombings and assassinations Italy had suffered throughout the Cold War. Over the coming months it became clear that this parallel military structure extended far beyond Italy, and that the equivalent existed in most Western European countries.

Anas Al-Liby is one of the best examples of someone who sits in the uncomfortable but very real crossover ground between international terrorists and the intelligence and security services we're told are fighting a war against them. He's a modern day Luis Posada Carriles or Vincenzo Vinciguerra.