The Spectre of Olympic Terror(ism)

July 2nd 2012

As we approach the spectacle of the 2012 olympics in London, the spectre of a major terrorist attack at the olympics is on the minds of many in the alternative research and media movement.  However, uncertainty reigns as to whether the threat is real, or part of a carefully orchestrated disinformation campaign.

Theories about a major event at the olympics have become widely discussed over the last three years.  They have coalesced around two distinct possibilities: an alien invasion and a terrorist attack, both in the false flag realm of covertly staged or simply faked incidents.  Beyond rather tenuous interpretations of symbols and emblems in olympic marketing materials the key piece of proof cited by many of the advocates of the alien invasion hypothesis is the closing ceremony to the 1984 olympics in Los Angeles. 

An outstanding piece of theatre, no doubt, but as far as evidence of predictive programming goes, any single example is incapable of demonstrating anything.  However, in the case of a possible terrorist attack, potentially involving mass scale killing through the use of a biochemical or nuclear weapon, there is somewhat more evidence to consider. 

The closing ceremony to the 2008 olympics in Beijing is another commonly cited node in the meme network used to substantiate predictions of a major false flag event.  In the 'handover' section of the ceremony a red London bus unfurls its top deck as part of the staging.

Bus bomb olympic ceremony

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The parallels with the bus bombing on 7/7 are obvious, in fact so obvious that to call this a hidden or encoded message seems inaccurate and inappropriate, at least to me.  Nonetheless, this is not the only vector in this attempt to identify predictive programming in real-time.  The other commonly noted hint of a terrorist attack during the olympics is from BBC spin-off series Spooks: Code 9.  The series is based around a group of teenage MI5 agents working in the aftermath of a nuclear bomb attack on the olympic stadium.

The critical problem with this is that the original Spooks series and this spin-off is positively littered with well-known occult symbols and numerology, if there are such things that can be called 'well-known' and 'occult'.  Attention has been drawn to one of the main characters asking for exactly 330 minutes to track down a suspect, and to the use of single-eye (all seeing eye) imagery. 

However, this is precisely the sort of material a conspiracy-themed show would include in order to satisfy the preconceptions and predilections of its audience.  Anyone spending only a few days exploring this stuff online would realise that the number 33 is considered, rightly or wrongly, to have significance in the shadow government and deep politics realm.  Likewise the all seeing eye symbol, or pyramids without capstones.  This information is not difficult to find, and hence to see it as some secret knowledge that only the truth vanguard understand is deluded.  To see it in a show like Spooks should not agitate people aware of these numbers and symbols, but instead should be a confirmation that the cultural producers and social engineers are well aware of the conspiracy culture or subculture. 

Instead, ludicrous and positively ignorant arguments have been used to advance the idea that the scenario in Spooks: Code 9 is actually going to happen.  This video, which has over 150,000 views, claims that the use of the word 'code' in the title of the show is evidence that the show is going to contain encoded or hidden messages.  The problem with this is that the original Spooks series was jam packed with predictions and predictive programming, especially regarding 7/7.  It had bucketloads of 'hidden messages' without doing anything as obvious as putting the word 'code' in its title.  Indeed, 'code', being a long-standing term and technique of spycraft, is a rather obvious choice for a show about spies. 

Set against that, the original Spooks also predicted many scenarios that have not yet come to pass.  The use of biological agents, large-scale cyber attacks, confrontations with Russian submarines trying to shut off the internet, MI5 accidentally releasing a plague onto the streets of London, you name it.  To try to distinguish between the generic programming about threats that we are meant to be scared of, and specific predictive programming about events planned for the future, is extremely difficult, if not impossible. 

Though some attention has been drawn to the date of the opening of the London olympics - 27/7, or 27/7/2012, one curious bit of numerology appears to have been completely overlooked.  The number of days between the 7/7 bombings in 2005 and the date of the opening of the London olympics is 2577 days.  Of course, there may be nothing to this, but is is a strange omission from the analyses of those promoting the idea of an olympic false flag. 

The other most widely referenced piece of this jigsaw is the Rockefeller Foundation report, 'Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development'.  Among the various predictions in this report is of an '2012 Olympic bombing, which killed 13,000'.  However, this report is publicly available, it is not classified or secret in any way.  This prediction is something that the authors and publishers of the report were perfectly happy to be out there.

Maybe this is the point.  Maybe all of this is not about prepping the public for a real false flag event, but about generating and sustaining a distraction for the conspirammunity to obsess over while the economy is looted, wars continue and previous state crimes continue to go uninvestigated and unpunished.  Maybe we are being presented with the spectre of terrorism, which will scare people into submission while, because the attack is only hypothetical, leaving them with nothing productive to do about their fear.

One rather crude example of this can be found in the much-discussed 2012 olympic logo.  As many, many commentators have pointed out, the edgy nature of the graphics make the number 2s look more like a 'z' and an 'n'.  This would render, with a little rejigging, the word 'Zion'. 

2012 olympic logo zion

Again, this is rather obvious, so obvious that even Mahmoud Ahmedinejad has complained about it.  As with the prior examples, there is something simple that is being overlooked.  The numbers, if converted to letters, could be said to spell the word 'Zion' but they could also be said to spell a different word:

olympic logo noiz

Noiz, or noise.  So, is this just noise, putting out information with such obvious implications that those looking for such 'hidden messages' would inevitably find one?  Consider the three information vectors - a BBC series specifically aimed at people who are into conspiracy theories, a prediction in a public report by the Rockefeller foundation, and possibly the most reproduced logo in Britain in recent years.  None are particularly covert, none require any real effort to find. 

The possibility that the spectre of olympic terror has been a ruse seems to have finally caught on in the alternative media.  Infowars recently ran an article called, 'The Boy Who Cried Wolf: Is Predictive Programming Being Used To Weaken The Truth Movement?'  It raised the possibility that we are looking at another Operation Blackjack, the 2009 cartoon series published online by the Telegraph that caused a huge storm in the 'truth movement'.  Just as with the threat of an olympic false flag, it was taken seriously by a great many people who convinced themselves they'd miraculously uncovered a secret message (on the website of a major newspaper, no less!) warning of a forthcoming false flag attack.

With Operation Blackjack, nothing happened.  In all likelihood, the spectre of olympic terror will remain a spectre.  There will be no major event at the olympics because the threat accomplished the aim of advancing the security state while distracting the opponents of the security state.  This process was completed with the recent appearance of pseudonymous 'whistleblower' 'Lee Hazledean' who claims to have infiltrated G4S, the company providing much of the olympics security.  'Hazledean', who appears to have been taken completely seriously despite providing no corroboration or evidence, has told a story that is entirely about amping up the fear, the terrorist threat, and saying that the existing security is a joke.

What are the implications of this story?  Be afraid and We need even more security.  The other recent update is the news that the BBC, having apparently postponed their 7/7 Conspiracy Roadtrip show until October, are trying to rush out some kind of debunking show about the olympics conspiracy theories.  The notion that the 'truth movement' has been set up to take a fall, been geared towards a prediction that won't come true precisely so they can be mocked for being wrong, seems to have struck home.

So, with only a few weeks to go, there appears to be an increasing recognition that the 'truth movement' has been duped.  This has always been my perspective on this question, including making the comparison with Operation Blackjack weeks before Infowars noticed it.  But how have they been duped?  They have been duped into thinking that predictions of possible events are more important than actual events.  They have been duped into thinking they have spotted something that in reality has likely been left there for them to find.  They have been duped into a paradigm of being scared of things that might never happen, and of reinforcing each other's fears about things that might never happen. 

So what was the whole point of the exercise?  Was is a classic disinformation programme?  Was it a distraction?  What it sardonic, an illustration that they can use our understanding of predictive programming against us?  Or was it about the spectre of terrorism, and indeed of 'catastrophic and catalysing events' in general?  Was it an experiment to see if they could scare the hell out of people without actually doing anything (in terms of violence and destruction)?  Is this the logical end of the increasingly simulated and virtual terrorism of recent years?