The Summer of Tension

4th August 2013

While the 'heat wave' that has 'roasted Britain' has climate changed its way to something more familiar (rain, humidity, constant variation) some patterns remain steady.  A third soldier who collapsed during the SAS selection exercise in the Brecon Beacons in mid-July has now died, and has been named as Corporal James Dunsby.  He had been in intensive care for weeks and his passing makes him the fifth soldier to have died as a result of military training exercises in that area of Wales since the turn of the year.  That's military training exercises 5 - radical Muslims 1.

Meanwhile, developments in the Mohammed Saleem case are worthy of our attention.  The 82 year old was killed after being stabbed in the back at night with a machete-type knife while he walked home from his mosque - a murder that I consider just as cowardly and vile as the murder of Lee Rigby.  Two Ukrainians were arrested but one has since been released and is a co-operating witness while the other, 25 year old Pavlo Lapshyn, has been charged with the murder and for three bomb attacks/attempts near mosques in the wake of the Rigby murder.

Media Hypocrisy

Unsurprisingly, the mainstream media have reported on the Saleem murder and the Lapshyn case far less than the Rigby murder and Michaels Abebolajo and Adebowale.  Even though the murder and the apparently connected bombings have been hastily redefined as terrorism by the authorities there is no ISC investigation into how Lapshyn got into the country or what MI5/6 knew about him before and during the brief wave of violence he allegedly visited on this country.

However, what I find even more disappointing is that the alternative media have also ignored the Saleem murder and the Lapshyn case.  Instead they have chosen to focus their energies on the same things as the mainstream media - the Woolwich murder and the Zimmerman trial spring to mind - and made themselves content with just offering an alternative/conspiratorial slant on those events.  It seems that whenever there's a mainstream media hype bubble, the alternative media leech off it, denouncing it as hype and then hypocritically feeding into it with their own version of events and why they matter.

The upshot of this is that there's a demonstable but tacit truth at the heart of the alt media's dialogue about the war on terror, namely: they do not care about Muslims, they do not respect Muslims.  According to virtually the whole of the alt media, Muslims are simply the pawns and victims of NATO machinations, there to be framed for things they didn't do and top be killed in wars of aggression.  Under this perspective, Islam has no trajectory of its own and Muslims have neither rights nor responsibilities.

They don't have the right for their deaths to be noted, even when the mainstream media is deliberately ignoring or downplaying it.  The alternative media clearly couldn't give a toss about Mohammed Saleem, a peaceful grandfather who did not deserve to be slain by in such a chickenshit fashion, and with such potent repurcussions.  Likewise the alt media consistently fails to decry those Muslims who do commit pig-headed violence, as appears to be the case in Woolwich.  Instead, they talk about fake blood and fake victims and pretend it didn't really happen.  Even those in the alt media who don't actively propagate this myth for the most part tolerate it and fail to even mention its potentially damaging and alienating consequences.

Imagine you were a relative or friend of Lee Rigby and you were trying to find out more about what happened in the run-up to his murder, more about the alleged perpetrators.  If the mainstream media didn't satisfy you with its bold rhetoric and naked hypocrisy you might turn to the alternative media.  What you would likely find is a bunch of people loudly proclaiming that either Lee Rigby isn't dead, or never existed in the first place, or dismissing the entire thing as a 'staged false flag' or some other casual and overused phrase.  This would likely alienate you, make you think these people were crazy and that as a whole they had nothing to offer you because these claims are almost always made without retort or criticism.

Hypocrisy of the 'Heroes'

We see a similar phenomenon with the pro-establishment media's treatment of soldiers.  They are generically labelled as heroic - the best and bravest of us who nobly put themselves in danger to protect us.  The reality, that they have chosen a life of violence against people with far less money and massively inferior weaponry for the sake of advancing the corporate state, is ignored completely.  This myth is assisted to a great extent by the 'charity' Help for Heroes, which has enjoyed unprecedented official help in promoting its cause and raising money.  It has now effectively become a non-profit PR firm working on behalf of the British armed forces.

In this context, it is impossible for the mainstream media to do anything but portray Lee Rigby as a hero, regardless of what he actually did.  That he took a choice to join one gang of thugs and as a result was killed by two guys who nominally belonged to another gang of thugs is a reality that they will never admit.  This alleviates the responsibility soldiers have for their actions, for the death and destruction they wreak upon the world.

The flipside of this is that the establishment doesn't actually care about these soldiers, Lee Rigby is just an opportunity for them to advance their agenda.  If they did care, and if the mainstream media cared, then the fact that five soldiers have died in just one area of Britain in military exercises would be reported.  There might even be some questioning of the protocols under which these men are sent out into dangerous terrain in extreme weather conditions for the sake of proving which ones met the grade and could be considered for SAS selection.  There might even be some sort of oversight committee looking into what happened and who, if anyone, was responsible for these deaths.  But they don't care, so none of this happens, unlike with the Lee Rigby murder.

Strategy of Tension

It thus appears that we in the UK are suffering a strategy of tension, strung between the apparent polar opposites of radical Islam and the British military.  These things go in cycles.  Last year the US suffered a record number of spree killings - at least 10 mass shootings killed at least 151 people.  Curiously, since the Obama administration got re-elected the spree killings have tailed off.  I can find only two that have happened so far this years - one in Herkimer in March and one in Santa Monica in June.  It is as though the spree killing phenomenon of 2012 was in part designed to help the existing government maintain its position, a climate of fear contributing towards people's desire to just keep going with what they knew.

This year has not seen any great spike in violence in the UK but the media coverage has been clearly designed to inspire fear, hatred and mutual suspicion.  This leads to tensions and hostility, which itself will likely result in violence.  The treatment of the relative figures being used as icons in this story, whereby they have neither rights nor responsibilities and are given no respect, credit or criticism, contributes massively to this.  It dehumanises the real people involved, making it easier for people to respond to them with extreme emotion based on tabloid rhetoric.  It makes it easier to whip up the crowd.

While the mainstream media is likely a lost cause by now, the alternative media is still in an immature phrase of its development.  So, I call on them to report things in a more mature way, granting respect to all people in both a positive and a negative way, so they are given praise where it is due and criticised where it is necessary.  A peaceful, constructive dialogue is the best way of countering a strategy of tension so if you are truly interested in doing that and achieving that then use the tools available to you.  It really couldn't be simpler, though that doesn't make it easy.


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