Venezuelan Missile Crisis

12th January 2012

The alternative media is awash with claims that we live in a time of unprecedented military aggression and that we are spiralling into World War 3.  What the current period reminds me of is the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962, exactly 50 years ago, when a covert, Cold war of provocation and manipulation almost spilled over into nuclear war. 

The Cuban Missile Crisis was the climax of a three-year covert war by the US against the Communist government of Cuba under Fidel Castro.  Castro came to power in a coup in 1959 that was partly funded with CIA money, but the relationship quickly turned sour.  In April 1959 Castro went to Washington and met vice-President Richard Nixon.  In Nixon's summary of the meeting he repeatedly says that Castro was 'naive' about the 'Communist threat'.

Nixon Castro naive about Communist threat

Download Nixon's memo here

The CIA set about figuring out what to do.  It did not take them long to start trying to assassinate Castro.  One of the first documents to suggest the strategy of assassination was a memo by Colonel JC King,

JC King memo elimination of Castro, Guevara
Click for larger version - Download King's memo here

One of the means by which the American establishment tried to kill Castro was by secretly recruiting members of the Mafia based in Havana to actually do the shooting.  Robert Maheu, a long-time associate of industrialist Howard Hughes and also an asset of the US government, was used as a cut-out to approach Johnny Roselli.  Initially, Roselli didn't even realise he was being tasked by the government, though when he did find out he offered to do the job for free. 

I put together a brief dossier of CIA and FBI documents on the Roselli story, detailing how he was selected and recruited as part of a joint CIA-FBI covert operation.  The files show how he was closely monitored by the FBI throughout this period, except when he was in Florida getting involved with the Castro mission.  They also detail how he ended up testifying to the Church Committee about his role in the assassination plot, and then subsequently wound up dead in brutal circumstances in a probable case of the mob taking out one of their own.  You can download the dossier here (48 pages, 3.4MB).

This plan of covert action culminated in the Bay of Pigs invasion, where a small army trained, equipped and funded by the CIA tried and failed to invade Cuba.  A fuller account can be gained by watching the documentary above, and by reading my article on Howard Hunt, here

The invasion took place in April 1961 and though it failed horribly the mission to oust Castro continued as Operation Mongoose.  The most famous part of Mongoose is Operation Northwoods, the plan to provoke or manufacture a pretext for a full-scale invasion of Cuba.  You can read my document collection on Northwoods here.  Eventually the Cubans got sufficiently worried that they took up Soviet offers of help.  In this case 'help' meant that the Soviets loaded up nuclear warheads on ships and started sailing them towards Cuba, and helped the Cubans to begin preparing launch facilities in Cuba.

Missile launch facility, Cuba, 1962

President Kennedy demanded that the Soviets remove all nuclear weapons from Cuba but Premier Krushchev refused.  The resulting stand-off brought the world to the edge of nuclear war.  Eventually, Kennedy compromised and agreed to withdraw US missiles from Turkey in exchange for the Soviets withdrawing their missiles from Cuba. 

The compromise averted a nuclear war between the USSR and the US, which in turn led to Kennedy being considered 'soft on Communism'.  But the actions of Vasili Arkhipov should not go unnoticed.  He was a Soviet Naval Officer on a Project 641 submarine B-59 engaged as part of the cat-and-mouse fighting in the Caribbean at the time of the missile crisis.  The US navy managed to isolate B-59 and dropped depth charges to force it to surface. 

The captain of the submarine suspected that a full-scale war had begun and wanted to launch a nuclear missile in retaliation.  It required the agreement of the captain, the political officer and the second in command, which was Arkhipov.  He argued against the other two, eventually persuading the captain to surface and await orders. 

US Navy helicopter hovers over Soviet B-59 submarine
US Navy Helicopter hovers over B-59 Soviet submarine

Arkhipov is not the only Soviet to have the honour of averting a nuclear war.  Stanislav Petrov is a more famous example, who in 1983 correctly identified a false alarm and prevented the launch of Soviet nuclear missiles.  Yet they gave the Nobel Peace Prize to Henry Kissinger. 

A similar scenario to the Cuban Missile Crisis could play out, at least in the minds of the NATO fantasists and in its very real repurcussions, via a Venezuelan Missile Crisis.  As this RT report details, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has been making friends in Latin America, particularly the Bolivarian Hugo Chavez. 

The analogy is not perfect.  For one thing, Iran is not the Soviet Union and probably has no nuclear weapons, let alone the thousands the USSR maintained.  And Venezuela is not Cuba, though Chavez is reminiscent of Castro. 

Nonetheless the same basic trend is present - of covert wars spiralling out of control and into full-on nuclear confrontations.  Rather than a direct war between the US and China, or the US and Russia, it is likely the unconventional wars fought against countries like Iran and Venezuela that will bring us to the edge of the cliff, just as it did in Cuba.  The prospect of Iran erecting missile silos near Caracas is highly improbable.  It is treated rather comically in the RT report but it is the exactly sort of pretext upon which the US might stage an invasion of Venezuela, and if not Venezuela then somewhere else. 

As such, the 'Venezuelan Missile Crisis' is a scenario I am not advocating as being particularly plausible, but instead a metaphor for the way in which World War 3 will likely develop out of indirect confrontation between superpowers just as in Cuba half a century ago.  Rather than it being the result of a deliberate agenda by the 'illuminati/NWO' it is much more likely to be the result of covert wars spiralling out of control. 

Once again, what we find is that the alternative media is largely failing in its duty.  They are positively salivating at the prospect of war so they can claim they are being proven right about the existence of the 'illuminati/NWO' because being proven right is the height of their ambition.  They seek only to convince people of the truthfulness of their claims.  As Karl Marx said of philosophers prior to himself, 'they have only interpreted the world, the point is to change it.'  Inasmuch as the alternative media can change the world, I propose that we should be heralding the examples of Arkhipov and Petrov, people who resisted all the hype and the fear and kept their minds on what was important - on preventing a nuclear war. 

It is worthy footnote to this article that Arkhipov's story was adapted in the Hollywood film Crimson Tide, with the role of Arkhipov being effectively taken by Denzel Washington.  Obviously, you wouldn't know from watching the film that the pacifism and heroism was in reality that of a Soviet, not American, soldier, but that's Hollywood.

Crimson Tide