22/7: A Strategy of Tension

A conversation with Brit Dee - 24th April 2012

In this conversation, the founder of Resistance Radio Brit Dee and I discuss Anders Breivik, the political climate in which the 22/7 massacre has taken place, the possibility of a wider conspiracy and whether a strategy of tension is at play.

Download here (mp3 55.7MB)

We looked at the ongoing Breivik trial and the way in which the attack has been used by several different factions for their own agenda.  The question of a wider conspiracy, multiple bombs in Oslo and concurrent training exercises are considered. 

The conversation also got into the question of Breivik's connections, the intelligence failure that was part of Operation Global Shield and the political and psychological impact of the attacks.  Parallels are drawn between Breivik's massacre and the OKC bombing, and with Operation Gladio.