7/7 The 7th Anniversary

A conversation with Brit Dee - 3rd July 2012

As we approach the 7th anniversary of the 7/7 bombings of 2005, Brit Dee of resistradio.com and I talk about my new 7/7 videos and reflect on some of the 'conspiracy theories' and alternative ideas about what happened. 

(download here, mp3 83MB)

Brit and I talked about three figures connected to the alleged bombers: Martin McDaid, Junaid Babar and Q.  All three men fit into established models of spies and provocateurs, all three were the subject of counter-terrorism investigations before 7/7 that mysteriously failed to result in the arrests of the alleged bombers.  Two of these men, McDaid and Q, have never been arrested or appeared as a witness in any of the trials resulting from these investigations.  By contrast Babar 'became' a FBI/DOJ co-operator, pled guilty to numerous terrorism charges, got off with a laughably short sentence, and was the prosecution witness against over a dozen men facing terrorism charges. 


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Mohammed Junaid Babar document collection

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