Anders Breivik - A conversation with Brit Dee

and Henrik Palmgren

June 9th 2012

Brit Dee of and myself joined Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice Radio to follow up on our prior conversation about the Anders Breivik case.  We talked about the question of simultaneous exercises or drills at the time of the Oslo bombing and the Utoya shooting, the connections between Breivik and various international characters of ill repute and the notion of Breivik's insanity.  A running theme was the possibility of Breivik being a patsy, or at least not a lone conspirator, and how the authorities have responded to the attacks.  The idea that the attack, whatever its origin, has been used to foment a strategy of tension was also a constant topic.  You can listen to the first hour of our conversation via the player below:

Download here (mp3, 31MB)


Hour two (Red Ice members only)

Norwegian Security Service Report on Breivik

Breivik initial psychological evaluation

Breivik indictment

Anders Behring Breiviks Plan of "Increased Polarisation"

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