Beard World Order 1 and 2

Two conversations with Guillermo Jimenez and James Corbett - 9th April 2014

In a continuation of our monthly roundtable discussions Guillermo of Traces of Reality, James Corbett of the Corbett Report and I joined up to take a broader look at conspiracy topics.  This is a double post of both episodes, in part because I forgot to post the first episode, in part because the two episodes are essentially two parts of the same discussion, even though they were recorded weeks apart.

In episode 1 we talked about the problems of people going through the 'waking up' process and trying to maintain their sanity and avoid the trap of uber-scepticism and nihilism.  We focused in particularly on likely false flag terror events - 9/11, 7/7 and the Boston bombings - and how the 'it never happened/it's all fake blood' theory was thrown out in the aftermath of each attack with no sense of sanity or responsibility.

download here (mp3, 51mb)

In episode 2 we took on 'the conspiracy to inject conspiracy', among other topics.  From Traces of Reality:

Do the infiltration and subversion tactics of the NSA and private intelligence contractors present a unique challenge for activists and the alternative media in the 21st century? Are “sockpuppets” and other disinfo exploits any different than the decades old COINTELPRO? What is cognitive infiltration, and how has it already succeeded in invading our minds? Have privacy norms (#aftersex) been irreversibly altered? Is there any hope left for humanity? And why would the Department of Defense be involved in the making of Ernest Goes to Camp?

Your answers to these questions, beards, beards, yeah, and more.


download here (mp3, 62mb)

You can contact me here, James here and Guillermo here.  


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