Creating our own Culture

A conversation with Aaron Franz - 8th September 2012

Following up on our previous conversation, Aaron Franz of and I talked about other ways of interpreting the process of the unveiling of secrecy, the unfolding of truth.  We looked at whether Aldous Huxley and George Orwell were warning us of what was to come, and whether such culture (literary, cinematic, musical and so on) could be an effective antidote to predictive programming. 

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We also discussed the exceptionally low-brow military action movie Battleship, and how it played on the notion of an exercise gone live or a simulation or drill that becomes a real event.  The idea that exercises could now be a channel for disinformation was explored, as well as the interpretation that this is the subconscious process of a group of psychopaths who want to be caught.  A third installment of this conversation is in the works, where Aaron and I will continue to look at the challenges and problems faced by the 'truth movement'. 

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