Programming Rebellion

A conversation with Adam GTG - 25th February 2013

Adam of the Glasgow Truth Group and I discussed the subtexts and contexts of a variety of recent films and TV shows, particularly those that focused on rebellion against the security state.  We began by talking about the predictive programming in the lead-up to the 7/7 bombings, before moving on to the recent 'Bin Laden raid' movie Zero Dark Thirty.  We also talked about Skyfall, Source Code and The Dark Knight Rises as examples of culture that declare the moral righteousness and omnipresence of the security services.

In the second half of our talk Adam and I specifically looked at the film V for Vendetta, how it is based on the legend of Guy Fawkes, in reality a likely terrorist patsy for the political order of the day, how at the end of the film there is a merging and amalgamation between the rebellious few and the security state, and how this has all been echoed in the copycat group Anonymous.

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