Resisting the Terror episodes 1 and 2

9th April 2012

The first two episodes of Resisting the Terror radio are now available, now broadcasting every Sunday evening at 8 p.m. on  In episode one I looked at the Clayton Osbon Flight 191 incident and a Spooks production feature relevant to the question of predictive programming.  In episode two I explored a recent BBC documentary including new material on Spy/Terrorist Junaid Babar, and a fake news broadcast produced for a terrorism training exercise that predicted 7/7.

Episode 1

Download here (mp3, 53MB)

Episode 2

Download here (mp3, 52MB)

Sources: Episode 1

Clayton Osbon criminal complaint and affidavit

Fox5 News Reports on Clayton Osbon/Flight 191 incident

Spooks production feature S02E02

Sources: Episode 2

Mohammed Junaid Babar document collection

BBC documentary Modern Spies

Interrogating the Programming: A conversation with James Corbett

Virtual News Network broadcast for TOPOFF 3 exercise