Secrets, Spies and 7/7

A conversation with James Corbett - 5th July 2013

James and I talked about my new book Secrets, Spies and 7/7 in particular outlining the network of probable/known secret agents surrounding the alleged bombers in the years before 7/7.  We looked into the activities of three men - Martin McDaid, Mohammed Quayyum Khan (Q) and Mohammed Junaid Babar, and how they likely played a role in engaging the alleged bombers in incriminating activity on behalf of the security services.

download here (mp3, 53mb)

We also discussed the Canary Wharf shooting rumour, and how it was predictively programmed in the years before 7/7, before looking at the Atlantic Blue training exercise and the use of fake news or pseudo media.  We rounded off as we began, with a look at why events like 7/7 still matter and how disrupting the myths surrounding them is still one way to resist the march of the security state. 

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