Terror Programming at the BBC

A conversation with Keelan Balderson - 3rd June 2013

In our latest discussion Keelan of WideShut.co.uk and I talked about my new book Secrets, Spies and 7/7 in the context of recent events.  In typically wide-ranging fashion we looked at predictive programming and in general the BBC's role in exploiting violence and shaping debates, including their coverage of the recent murder in Woolwich.  We examined their role in provoking and providing confirmation bias in the debate about 7/7 and about terrorism as a whole. 

download here (mp3, 65mb)

The sound quality in the youtube version is less than ideal due to youtube's new live broadcasting feature being quite poor given that they are the internet's largest distributor of online video.  The mp3 version is quite a lot better to listen to, and despite my tiredness this was yet another very interesting conversation.   

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