The Boston Bombing Conspiracies

A conversation with Guillermo Jimenez

In our most recent conversation on the Boston marathon bombings and the theories developing around it, Guillermo and I had a wide-ranging discussion on how we had developed in our thinking in recent weeks.  Without ruling anything in or out we talked about how the context and reaction to the bombings was a better means of understanding the event than media coverage of the day itself.  We looked at the links between the CIA and the uncle of the alleged bombers, and how different members of the Tsarnaev family are being exploited by different intelligence superpowers in the wake of the attack. 

download here (mp3, 25mb)

We considered the question of whether Tamerlan Tsarnaev was working for the CIA or the FSB/KGB, or possibly for both as some kind of double agent.  We also looked at Sibel Edmonds' hypothesised 'backroom deal' between Russia and the US whereby Russia would let NATO take Syria in exchange for NATO backing off from Chechnya.   

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