The Grand Theater of the Security State

A conversation with Aaron Franz - 4th August 2012

In this conversation with Aaron Franz of we discussed some of the challenges and problems faced by the truth movement.  The running theme was the use of disinformation, the idea that powerful institutions and groups are leaking or feeding information into the truth movement as a distraction and confusion technique. 

Download here (mp3, 25.9MB)

We looked at this from a number of angles, including the religious philosophy expressed in Alice Bailey's The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, the various types of predictive programming, the theatre of Bertolt Brecht, structuralist semiotics, and predictions about major false flag events at the 2012 Olympics (which is on its 8th day without any sign of nuclear bombs or aliens - yet!).  This extremely wide-ranging and philosophical conversation is markedly different from the other audio on this site but it is an extremely provocative conversation.  There are plans for a followup, so stay tuned.

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