Terror trial document archive

This part of the archive is where documents relating to terrorism trials are posted. From David Headley to Ramzi Yousef, this is one of three main sections that will be updated on an ongoing basis with new links to valuable material. The main headings are US vs Bin Laden et al (the US embassy bombings trial), US vs Ilyas Kashmiri et al (Mumbai-related trial against Tahawwur Rana), WTC bombing trials (US vs Yousef et al, Salameh et al and Rahman et al) and 7/7-related trials.

US vs Bin Laden et al (2001)

Indictment and Superceding Indictment - the principal case against the defendants for their role in the 1998 US embassy bombings in East Africa.  Page also includes the passports of Ali Mohamed and Wadih el Hage. 

Trial transcripts - courtesy of cryptome, this is a near-complete set of daily court transcripts from this most important trial. Can be downloaded as one highly efficient .zip file.

Various documents including the verdict, the sentencing and the appeal verdict. 

Ali Mohamed guilty plea hearing.  Co-conspirator and triple agent Ali Mohamed pleaded guilty to his role in the embassy bombings several months before the US vs Bin Laden trial, yet he never testified at that trial as a cooperating witness for the prosecution.  His whereabouts after this hearing are a closely guarded secret. 

US vs Ilyas Kashmiri et al (including Tahawwur Rana)

Criminal complaint against Tahawwur Rana (original)(amended)

Criminal complaint against Abdur Rehman Hashim Syed a.k.a. 'Pasha'.

Criminal complaint against David Headley.

Criminal Information - David Headley.

Superceding Indictment.

Second Superceding Indictment.

DOJ Press Release on Headley guilty plea.

Santiago Proffer and Response.

Rana Jury Questionnaire.

US vs Tahawwur Rana, Judgment.

WTC bombing trials

US vs Salameh et al, full docket.

US vs Salameh et al, appeal 1 (1996), appeal 2 (1998), appeal 3 (2001).

US vs Rahman et al, Indictment.

US vs Rahman et al, Judgment.

US vs Rahman et al, Sentencing.

US vs Rahman et al, Appeal

US vs Ramzi Yousef et al, Appeal.

List of unindicted co-conspirators.  A virtual who's who of Al Qaeda circa 1995, this list contains the names of many interesting figures, including Mohammed Jamal Khalifa and Ali Mohamed, the former a probable cooperator and the latter a double agent. 

7/7-related trials

A selection of documents from the Operation Crevice case.  Includes surveillance photographs, transcripts of secret recordings and statements by the police and MI5. 

R vs Khyam et al, opening statement by the Crown.  The laying out of the case against the defendants in the 'fertiliser bomb plot'.

R vs Khyam et al, Prosecution response to the Skeleton argument on behalf of Omar Khyam.  This partially redacted document details the connections between Khyam and two of the alleged 7/7 bombers in early 2004.  This document suggests that at least Mohammed Siddique Khan was identified months prior to 7/7.  One paragraph states that, 'Following the events of 7th July, a review of the surveillance and audio evidence generated by the investigation in relation to the indictment before the court (Operation "Crevice") revealed contacts between Omar Khyam and Shujah-uddin Mahmood on the one hand and MSK and ST on the other.'  As picked up by the July 7th Truth Campaign, this evidence was provided to the Canadian authorities on July 8th 2005 and so the review must have taken place prior to 7/7. 

R vs Khyam et al, Court of Appeal decision.  The official rejection of an application by Khyam et al for leave to appeal their convictions.  Outlines some of the many, many problems with this case, such as Junaid Babar's probable role as a double agent or provocateur, and Amin's confession being the result of harsh treatment, if not fully-fledged torture, at the hands of the Pakistani authorities. 

7/7 alleged co-conspirators trial press releases.  Vainglorious, policy-serving statements by the Crown Prosecution Service and the Metropolitan Police.  The three men (Waheed Ali, Sadeer Saleem and Mohammed Shakil) should never have been prosecuted as the case tying them to 7/7 was entirely circumstantial.